Defentures. Major Update!


I make major update!

- add great author music. I work with IK-Sound studio and this is really great guys! There are 5 gorgeous music composition in which both instruments and chorus are involved. Music is performed in a dwarven language invented by Tolkien.

- add new system - Goals! Now, in addition to the quests, you have small tasks that will help you to understand the complex and diverse game mechanic.

- add simpler UI of improvements and upgrades

- reworked storytelling. I add new locations descriptions. Also change guild-quests text and made the assignments more understandable

- improve translation.

Now there are open five levels, 15 game modes, 2 guilds, more then 10 mission and there is more then 2 hours of gameplay!

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Version 24 Dec 25, 2018

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